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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Healthy Drinks Keep Body Stamina

Healthy Drinks Keep Body Stamina

Haii Buddy All, Here I Infokan for Drinks that are able to nourish and maintain stamina body .. Well surely my friend will soon try it nii .. hehehe, Actually It is Profitable if Have Health on Body and Stamina able to concentrate with Things that always us skip in our daily life.

Well Drink that I mean is A Fruit that has Water that really healthy on Body and able to keep stamina body also ,, that is Green Coconut Water, and of course my friends may be familiar with Drinks that contain a variety of excellent properties for this body..

Here I will give Preparation :
  • 1. Green Coconut (1 Piece) Do not peel first.
  • 2. Yellow Egg Chicken Egg (1 to 2 Item).
  • 3. Pure Honey "Do not Honey Original" (3 to 5 tablespoons).
  • 4. Ginger (2 Siung / about 2 Finger).

With Preparation The materials on top of my friend all immediately prepare the ingredients first, to Maintain Stamina Body and Maintain Our Health All.

and We Start with the Making.
  • 1. Ginger peeled and on display "At geprek-prek".
  • 2. Whole Green Coconuts burned Up to 35 minutes to 45 minutes.
  • 3. When It's Done Burning, then Peel the Top Coconut and Ginger Input has been contaminated, and also Put Honey Pure, Then Stir until Evenly.
  • 4. And Begin Ready to Serve, by Starting to drink Yellow Egg Chicken Egg First and after That Along with Coconut Green Water in Coconut with Mixed Ginger and Honey.

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Here I am writing Health Benefits, and It's Very Important Health for all of us, So I Say Thank You and Healthy Regards to All Buddy.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

How to Tighten Breast Easily

How to Tighten Breast Easily

Welcome to my dear friend, Kaliini I will give you Traditional processing information the way Tightens Breast and are likely to be used by our previous or past Friends.

As I know, Breast will grow in Moment Generating child, and in Breastfeeding, or when the milk is filled, Breast will grow, But if it is in Breastfeeding then Breast will shrink and go down, as my friends know exactly will not be toned like Time is still Young time.

The secret of my writing on the above uses Fiber dan Fruit Pinang who is still young, and for More Specifications on recommend Fiber Only by Maximizing on Breast Lift.

However it is possible to Try for All Women Who Want to Tighten Her Breast, For Its Application For 2 to 3 Months and Done During Sleep Time, And To Clean With Warm Water, Or Hot Water Steam, And Can Also With Warm Towel.

Young Pinang Fruit
Buah Pinang Muda

Here's How to Prepare.
  • 1. Prepare Fibers and Fruit Pinang who is still young "10 to 15 pieces, or suffice according to the wishes".
  • 2. Prepare Grate / Blender.
  • 3. Can Add Ginger "In order to Increase Angat and Immerse Your Blood Flow".
  • 4. Prepare Crude Salt (Garam Krosok)

Fruit and Fiber Fruit Pinang
Biji dan Serabut Buah Pinang

Next we discuss how to use it.
  • 1. Grate / Fruit and Fiber Blender Pinang Young (Until Fine).
  • 2. Peanut Ginger Peanut "4 Siung Ginger" Then Grate / Ginger Blender (To Fine).
  • 3. Tumbuk "Ulek" / Blender Garam Kasar (Garam krosok).
  • 4. After that the whole material is mixed up and down.
  • 5. Once in the blend in the stirring, Clean the Breast first Then Strip the Mix / Tumble that we just presented.

  • 6. Used during Sleeping, and Cleaning When Wake Up, Clean with Warm Water Bust, But Better In Clean With Hot Water Steam "Steam Not Just Hot Water", Or Can With Warm Water Flush.

Warning : Implantation Application For 2 Months Or 3 Months Follow-up, If Only Once Then Not Prove in Breastfeeding.

After the use of it I write, you can pay attention, if it is important to launch blood flow in our body, not only payudarah, but throughout the body we have, hehehehe... so for Info Artiken Tightening Breast Sobat can do according Info which I wrote.

With I Am Hardly Say It For Tightening Writing, And Please Visit or Walk on the Most Useful Advertising Page on This Page, Thank You Guys Forever.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Dental Medicine Remedy with Sap

Welcome all friends, Now we will discuss about how to cure diseased teeth or teeth that have hollow with sap.

Certainly there are friends who are afraid to dislodge his teeth and some dare to pull out his teeth, here I will discuss the traditional medicine is Powerful in overcoming the pain in the teeth, with SAP LEISURE JARAK.

This sap works to relieve pain if all friends only use in the event of illness, and surely must be in the pull if the teeth of friends have started to feel no pain again, But If using Leaf Sleeves want Do not pull teeth, then Use Gradually on the teeth holes and pains or toothache.

For Info On handling Leaf Distance gap, Companion must be Root of the Teeth, Break the Stem and Stick the Sap in the Stem and attach it to the Sick Teeth until it reaches the roots let the Leaf Sleeves It Enter Slowly Soon The roots of the teeth will Die and Unplug the sick teeth by itself.

Here's the Preparation :
  • 1. First Look for the Distance Leaf Like the Picture below.
  • 2. Second Take the Leaves and Stems As Good As To Get The Maximum Sap.
  • 3. Prepare Warm Water for Gargling.

and if it has done Preparation, then we continue with practice.

  • 1. Take the Trunked Leaf, Like the Picture below.
  • 2. Then Break the corresponding Matched Target Ring of Black Rings in the Drawings.
  • 3. Then it will Exit the Sap from the Fault, And Paste it into a Painful Tooth, Or Tooth With Puncture That Sick "Send Up To Root and Suck".
  • 4. f Not Feeling Gum Entry Kegigi, Can Start 1 more Stem and Take the sap again.
  • 1. If It's Done, Hang It Down with Warm Water, And Do not Get Taken, But In The Throw It's Water "It's Up To You".

Here is the treatment of Tooth Pain with Leaf Distance Gage, and Can Deadly Root Gear Without Having To Removing Teeth Friends, "Di Do Not Just Once".

Here's My Info Articles, and Do not forget to Click Ads of Interest on this page, thanks.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

What my presence, and Live My Life

What my presence, and Live My Life wherein a while, I went at the time still own my gender to male, and not on the adolescents whose parents were rich, I was just a young kid and just lived with a mother and father I have been busy with her own life , maybe I could be frustrating because we are not accompanied by a parent as a man, but all I can handle it by thinking of life.

in the coming days when I'm alone (no partner), I as like a teenager who loves naughty, break the rules "is not a rule that is heavy", and interacting with violence or alcohol, but I know the limit weight or lightness to be categorized in my travels, because I know that I am not an easy person to get money and every day a waste of money,

and I go to school with a set time to work, and every day, and every day it was always my lead, and indeed in every day I, at any time that I live, never felt wanted or envious enough life or very happy in the family gathered semuah, or me if I are allowed to shout, I want to be noticed, and have snacks like children others, but it's not in my life, my life is just under water or behind a rock, which is aware of who I am.

until the end of my time in graduate school, and was very proud and happy, but I still rogue, as usual, and still below the limit of my mischief, because I know I am just anyone. ??, and at that point I had to find a job, perhaps it is difficult to find a job, because I know, it is a lot of my rivals out there, but God also knows, if fortune, death, and mate in the hands of God, and semuah must stage trying, and eventually I got a job in the sales service , as usual, in the work I should be timely, disciplined and always be in the count. and constantly kept it in my work live.

honestly I get a salary of Rp.2.500.000, - for a month if the dollar is only $ 200 a month, and in 2009, at that time was only enough for that much money in my life, maybe to buy things I want, I have to buy by installments per month, if within my power to pay Rp 400,000 per month "$ 32", for one day only buy rice per liter of Rp.7000 X 30 = Rp.210.000, - "$ 16.8", and to buy toiletries such as, body soap, toothpaste, shampoo Rp.26.000 "$ 2.08", and buy oil for cooking in a month Rp.38.000 "$ 3.04", and buy detergent and deodorizing clothes for a month Rp.55.000, - "$ 4.4", and buy food for a month Rp.9000, - X 30 = Rp.270.000, - "$ 21.6", and also to keep watch on my way, that money to work my way per day 10,000 X 30 = 300,000, " $ 24 ", and the money for the payment of garbage and safeguard the" Security "in the month Rp.125.000, -" $ 10 ", if the total of all 400,000 + 210,000 + 26,000 + 38,000 + 55,000 + 270,000 + 300,000 + 125,000 = Rp.1.424.000, - "$ 133.92" and to my mother gave me only a month Rp.600.000, - "$ 48", and the rest I save it for my stake in the daily if anything happens.

maybe my income is still very low, but I think, if you can not income, how may I be able to survive, or survive, but I know my limits on yourself.

Arriving a day where I found her, she was a woman who would accompany me, and want to think about the simplicity of life. and I were married in 2010, and we were both working, and income could be given in the joint, or both to save money, and it's time we want a soul mate or life who want to have children, and in one year we walk together, they have not given your soul mate, until we wait two years still has not been given, finally we tried in the treatment of medicine to traditional medicine, and semuah that we live about 5 years until the end of time continues to run until 6 years, and we is only hope in prayer to God, whether in prayer that we still think is right or indeed we were wrong, but we always hope and pray, hinga within 3 months our prayers be heard by God, and we give 1 heredity very handsome and hope we do not abandon him, because I know it seems no mercy parents, and when it contains my wife stopped working, and we are just at the limits of the salary of my life.

Until finally the boys by coming on the world, and I am very happy, until one faithful, every tired I am or hungry stomach is semuah only for my son, with my power, I've been happy my son is healthy and very cute, and now he 2 years old, and has been running, and I was very happy to see her smile, her laughter, her expression, and behavior, to naughty boys like me with a naughty child. and not long after my wife interval containing a second child, I was very grateful and bhagia, because we still believe in God, even our small family only live in a small place and enough for our family.

Quite so, and sorry if my writing can only use a little of the language, or are always short in the story, but I know, complaining I was just myself, struggling just to my own family, and pray for the good of our lives everyday, and that's I face, thank god I'm always grateful for my life.

Efficacious Binahong leaf for cuts Affairs and In

How to Make Herb Leaves Binahong To Heart

Efficacious Binahong leaf for cuts Affairs and In, How to Make Herb Leaves Binahong To Heart

The heart is the most important organ in the human body that function of pumping blood throughout the body and to hold them back after cleaning lungs. This means that the function of the heart of man is as a tool or blood-pumping organ in humans. At that time the heart to provide sufficient oxygen and blood flows throughout the body, as well as cleansing the body darih metabolism (carbon dioxide). So as to fulfill the functions of the heart collects oxygen deficient blood from the entire body and then pumps it to the lungs, the blood in the heart by way of taking in oxygen and remove carbon dioxide. At the heart of oxygen-rich blood from the lungs is pumped to tissues throughout the human body.

The importance of maintaining the health of your heart, you just need to cultivate a healthy lifestyle patterns, such as eating a healthy diet for the heart.

On this occasion we will give you tips and how to make herb leaves Binahong. but you should know this plant back so that no one chose the leaves.

How to Make Herb Leaves Binahong To Heart

How to Make Herb Leaves Binahong To Heart Most of the plants binahong contained in the wet tropical forests, but also can be found in marshes and on the banks of rivers, roadsides and rock outcrops. The plant is also often found crawling on top of other plants or circular on the trunks of trees with roots support. Leaf color looks slightly browned and almost transparent when nascent, but then it quickly became dark green as they grow up some time.

Sometimes a few white flowers appear on plants that have grown up. Binahong plant is one of the easiest plants to grow as a house plant. This is because this plant is very strong in a variety of conditions.

Back to the subject, prepare the material ingredients as follows


  1. Binahong young leaves as many as 20 sheets;
  2. 8 glasses of water.

How to make a decoction of leaves binahong:

  • First download the binahong 20 leaves, then wash with cold water, after net knead until the leaves secrete more mucus;
  • Put the squeeze of the binahong leaves into a pot with 8 cups of water. Put on the stove at medium flame, binahong leaves boiled until the remaining 3 cups of water only, lift and strain or separate leaves with boiling water, herb leaves binahong ready for use.

How to use herbs leaves binahong:

Efficacious Binahong leaf for cuts Affairs and InTo use it is easy, you just drink the potion, but drink the concoction three times a day only, in a stew you can make 3 cups of herb leaves binahong this as the above, although it does not feel good but leaves binahong is very good for heart health and can lower blood sugar.

see also Efficacy Binahong For injury Affairs and In the Maternal

Well that's a potion to us berkan on this occasion. if the sign does not find a leaf binahong in your area, you are not already worried, because now available syrup medicine for your heart health.

With properties that exceed herb leaves such binahong :

Cancer Tonsil Cancer Nasal Cancer Abdomen, Liver Cancer, Blood Cancer, Lymph node cancer, Skin Cancer Brain cancer Lip Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Cancer Endometrial Cancer cysts, cancer Endometriosis, Cancer OtotKanker Gall, bone cancer, cancer Esophagus Cancer TiroidKanker Nasopharyngeal Cancer Testis Cancer Pharyngitis Cancer Uterine Cancer gums Cancer Vulvar Cancer Soft Tissue Cancer Face of Cancer Ingredients Throat Cancer Oral Cancer lung Cancer, Lymphoma Cancer Breast Cancer Cancer Larynx Prostate Cancer Liver Cancer Cervical Cancer, Cancer Eye Cancer Tongue Cancer mammary Cervical Cancer myoma cancer colon cancer. cancer Pancreatic cancer testes, Luka Affairs.

That's the benefit of herbal medicines that have exceptional properties in mengobti all ills.

Thank you for visiting this article, hopefully helpful and beneficial

Thursday, January 26, 2017


Cool and reserved guy is actually the type of guy who rarely speak let alone tell him her story own.But only save one thing I know guys are smart cool and reserved it knows when to be quiet and when to speak. Well for more details about the character guy taciturn and aloof please read below.

The character of a taciturn it could be categorized like this :


  • Actually rarely talk
For him a lot of talk (a lot of rambling reply in my area) was a waste saliva, talk to taste aja, if necessary just say YES or NO.

  • Prefer to avoid the problem.
Dislikes provoking, and sometimes run away from problems, typical of people stoic, but less patient facing problems.

  • Not like the debate
Classified as people who give in this case, tend to withdraw from debate. Has a high emotion, haters, and love bored.

  • Most soulless psychopath (not all of them well anyway).
Psychopaths or heinous killer in the world, do not have a conscience, compassion they seemed to disappear, and if killed, certainly had a motive plan, not regretted his actions. An example is the perpetrator mutilation, they cut up the victim's body, there is also a boil the victim's head, made broth and eat it. And they did it all with a mediocre, no flavor horror or disgust.

  • The quiet man vindictive.
And will give unexpected surprises by its enemies. If they are angry, as possessed by jinn, and as it was not her original (well, like NARUTO with Kyubii yes). Want to police, the governor, or his own sire, will not make it tremble before that made him angry enter the Emergency Unit.
  • About love.
There will never be known from this kind of type. But I understand the everyday life that seldom really quiet person can be romantic and lover.
  • Life is closed to the public.
They walked as if in the left and right no. gaze straight and sometimes down.
  • Like talking to yourself.
A quiet person feel to have two spirits in one body, not mentally ill meaning, but this, they asked his brain. They are a thinker and always thinking and a loner. Their brains like server data processing without interruption.
  • By its very nature difficult to guess
Not many understand the character, and suddenly disappear without news.
  • Do not like crowds
Concerts, Music Rock moreover, preferred to remain silent.
  • Mystical and Magical
A quiet like things mystical and magical. For it is seldom really happen.

  • Do not want to hang out with their surroundings.
Anti-social, indifference, for him, to live in this world alone is not a problem, indifferent. Although many people tell it, he remained indifferent, not feel anything.
  • No jealousy, no envy, no shirk.
Neighbors want to buy the best, tetep just ignored me and indifference, would fire, like a feast, weve pikirin me, that's his nature.
  • ordinary life.
If they smile or laugh, never contrived.
  • Not good at small talk.
Moody, secretive and essentially, they are those who sincere.
  • Not a playboy.
Introverted people are very loving and caring family, love children and wife.

That was some of the secrets and the character of the guys cool and reserved. Thank you for visiting and sorry if we were less good article. Please visit again sometime.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Know what is the Operating System on the Computer (OS)

Understanding Operating Systems

Operating system (OS) or often called the operating system is a set of basic commands that a role to perform and operate the computer.

there are so many various Kinds of Computer Operating Systems are constantly evolving, No Operating System perfect for each operating system has its own characteristics and power. Although there Operating System paid, why do not we try Operating Systems Free or free? Free does not mean bad, good or bad depends on an Operating System End-user should own. So we must be careful in choosing the Operating System used.

The following computer operating systems (OS) :

  1. DOS System
  2. Microsoft Windows
  3. UNIX
  4. Linux
  5. Solaris
  6. FreeBSD
  7. Novell Operating Sistem (NOS)
  8. Apple Macintosh

1. DOS System

Disk Operating System or DOS is an operating system that uses a computer interface command - line and is often used by computer users in the 1980s. DOS is an operating system that is used to manage all the resources that exist on the computer.

DOS System

Users interact with DOS, by giving commands using the computer keyboard. Users must type the command with the keyboard, and the command given will diterjemaahkan by DOS system in accordance with the command function. DOS commands that exist in the file name, for example such as air-extension program or ending in .bat, .exe, and others. In addition to typing the names of the files from the command program, DOS also usually combined with various writing prameter prameter in which after the file name of the program. So we can conclude bawha sisitem DOS is an operation which is useful for managing computer systems.

B. Some functions DOS

As for some of the functions of the DOS and they are as follows :

  • To control or organizing activities on the computer.
  • To regulate the processes of input and output data on the computer.
  • To set the computer's memory.
  • For management file and also directory.

And many more functions than the DOS is still used to this day, one of them in completing some troubleshooting on computer hardware.

C. Classes DOS

The family of DOS, which of them is divided into several different classes :

  • Microsoft Disk Operating System or in short with MS-DOS, which include Compaq DOS, Tandy DOS, Quick and Dirty Operating System (Q-DOS) and others are included in the operating system MS-DOS, was sold to the makers of the computer system IBM PC / Compatible.
  • IBM PC-DOS or International Business Machine Personal Computer Disk Operating System , though still Microsoft, but has been modified slightly in order to be used by computers made by IBM.
  • Digital Research Disk Operating System atau disingkat dengan DR-DOS, dibuat oleh yang membuat sistem operasi CP/M yaitu Gary Kildall.
  • Novell Personal Netware, namely the version of DR-DOS (Digital Research Disk Operating System), which was sold to Novell, because the company that houses the CP / M out of business or into bankruptcy. So Novell shortly acquisition of Digital Research Incorporated.
  • Caldera DOS, the version of Personal Novell Netware sold to Caldera Corporation.
  • FreeDOS, was developed by the open source community. Version of DOS is built comes from the remnants of Caldera DOS development.

D. DOS operating system on the market

The DOS on the market is very diverse, such as the following :

  • PC or Personal Computer DOS.
  • MS-DOS.
  • Macintosh DOS.
  • Apple DOS.
  • Linux, and others.

The operating system is the forerunner of Microsoft Windows. Typically the form of white text on a black background. If you want to try to pass the Windows Start - Run, then type cmd.

A few posts or articles that contain about the notion of DOS (Disk Operating System) that we can provide. If there is a mistake in this article please forgive, thank you,

2. Microsoft Windows

Operating System developed by Microsoft Corporation that uses berbasikan interface with GUI (Graphical User Interface) or its common display interface system oeprasi bergrafis.pada a lot of use by the public, from the middle to the top to the bottom. The Windows operating system has evolved from MS-DOS, an operating system based on text mode and command-line. The first version of Windows, Windows Graphic Environment 1.0 was first introduced on 10 November 1983, but only out of the market in November 1985 designed to meet the needs of the computer to display a picture.

Microsoft Windows

Windows 1.0 is a software 16-bit (not an operating system) running on top of MS-DOS (and some variants of MS-DOS), so he will not be able to walk without the DOS operating system. Version 2.x, 3.x versions are the same. Recent versions of Windows (starting from version 4.0 and Windows NT 3.1) is an independent operating system that no longer depend on the operating system MS-DOS.

The following history of the initial version of Windows to date.

  1. Microsoft Windows 1
  2. Microsoft Windows 2
  3. Microsoft Windows 3
  4. Microsoft Windows 3.1
  5. Microsoft Windows 3.11 Workgroup
  6. Microsoft Windows 95
  7. Microsoft Windows 98
  8. Microsoft Windows 2000
  9. Microsoft Windows Me (Millenium)
  10. Microsoft Windows NT (Next Technology)
  11. Microsoft Windows XP (Experience)
  12. Windows Server 2003
  13. Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs as a thin client platform
  14. Windows Vista
  15. Windows Home Server
  16. Windows Server 2008
  17. Windows 7
  18. Windows 8
  19. Windows 10
Microsoft Windows

Is the most popular operating system. Almost everyone never wear. Some versions of Microsoft Windows are well known : Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, Me, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and the latest Windows 8.

as above it is a bit of an explanation of the Windows Operating System. hopefully bermamfaat for us all.


1. Understanding


UNIX is an operating system that is used as the default operating system on different types of computers, especially good as a mini computer workstation or server (a system

that provides services to the network). Due to a unix server, move work from one type of computer to another is easy.

Unix was designed as an operating system that is portable, multi-tasking, multi-user, hierarchical file system and utilities.

The advantage gained by using a UNIX system connected kesebuah network system are :

A. Sharing computer resources

Computer resources are shared include :
  • CPU and memory allocation,
    CPU / memory being silent (unused) can be used by another system that is busy.
  • Data storage / disk,
    Disk originally scattered all computers with the same utility can now be combined into a large disk unit and shared.
  • Printer / printer and program / utility
    Printing / printing can be classified based on priority (immediate, not immediately) or print quality (laser printer, printer LQ, line printer).

B. Improved reliability.

Computers in a network is more reliable than the stand-alone computer. If there is a computer that does not work, its role was replaced by another computer. The system can be set / controlled by the user does not know that the computer used is being replaced by another computer. The disk storage system can set the degree of safety. As well as CPU, disk systems are not functioning replaced by another system without being noticed by the user.

C. Savings.

Improved reliability and the use of resources together generate operating cost savings. Price 10 10 MIPS computer is much cheaper than one computer 100 MIPS. However, the ability of the tenth 10 MIPS computer can almost match the ability of the computer 100 MIPS if done high utilization. Other savings come from the use of the printer server and file server (1 system data or disk for multiple computers).

2. History

Unix is a computer operating system developed by AT & T Bell Labs in the 1960s and 1970s. In 1960, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, AT & T Bell Labs, and General Electric to work in a eksprimental operating system called Multics (Multiplexed Information and Computing Service)/

In Indonesia Unix is used as an application server, the product on the market, among others, IBM AIX, HP-UX, Sun Solaris. Each of these products generally has its own market as Sun Solaris used in mobile telecommunications operator, HP UX on manufacturing and distribution. Function as a Unix workstation less popular considering the price is expensive.

3. Type - the type of UNIX

UNIX is an operating system developed by many parties. Any party that develops UNIX, add proprietary technologies into UNIX, which even though it is outside the standard, capable of making the UNIX operating system more robust or more reliable. Type - the type of Unix include :


  1. A/UX
  2. Domain/X
  3. Darwin
  4. CTIX
  5. Distrix
  6. UniCOS
  7. DG/UX
  8. Digital UNIX
  9. Ultrix
  10. CLIX
  11. HP/UX
  12. Tru64
  13. AIX
  14. Coherent
  15. XENIX
  16. DVIX
  17. UnixWare
  18. SCO UNIX
  20. SCO OpenServer
  21. Dynix
  22. SINIX
  23. IRIX
  24. SunOS
  25. Solaris
  26. Eunice
  27. Uniplus+
  28. BSD UNIX
  29. BSD/I
  30. OSF/1
  31. GNU/Linux
  32. GNU/Hurd
  33. FreeBSD
  34. NetBSD
  35. OpenBSD
  36. NextStep
  37. Minix
  38. Mach
  39. UNIX System V
  40. QNX

Including the operating system's earliest existing computers. Is the parent of the Linux operating system.


Linux operating system is one example of the development of free and open source software are the most popular to date. As I have said linux is a & nbsp; software open source operating system that is free to be distributed under the GNU license. So you must to install Linux on your computer or copy and redistribute it without having to pay as well as the Windows operating system, either Windows 7 or other operating systems. Linux is a derivative of Unix and can work on a wide range of computer hardware.


With the GNU (Gnu Not Unix) you can obtain a program, complete with source code (source code). Not only that, you are given the right to copy as much as you want, or even change the source code. And it's all legal under license. Although free, GNU license allows a party seeking to attract a fee for copying and sending the program. One example of this is the Linux operating system Ubuntu Linux.

Linux Ubuntu

The origin of the name Ubuntu is derived from the philosophy of South Africa that means "humanity to others". Ubuntu is designed for the benefit of personal use, but the server version of Ubuntu is also available, and has been used widely.


Official Ubuntu project disponspori by Canonical Ltd. which is a company owned by South African entrepreneur Mark Shuttleworth. The goal of the Ubuntu Linux distribution brings the spirit embodied in the philosophy of Ubuntu to the software world. Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available and have good support from community and professional experts.


  1. Multimedia - Rythmbox Music Player, movie player , pitivi editor.
  2. e-mail - Evolution da Thunderbird
  3. Browser - Mozilla firefox dan opera
  4. Efect 3d  - Compiz dan Emerald.
  5. Wifi

Advantages of Linux Ubuntu  

  • Free virus
  • 3D Interface
  • Kompatibilas
  • Ease of Migration
  • Freeware or free
  • User friendly

Other examples of Linux Operating System


  • PCLinuxOS - PCLinuxOS has a GUI similar to Windows to ease the transition to Linux users. Therefore, they use the word PC (even though not exclusively for Windows PC).
  • OpenSUSE - A SUSE open source project sponsored by Novell and AMD. SUSE is a German acronym for “Software- und System-Entwicklung” (software development and systems). But some say that the name SUSE used to honor engineer Konrad Zuse.
  • Fedora - Operating system based on Linux results Linux community projects sponsored by Red Hat. ”Fedora” name This is taken from the type of hat (fedora) worn by men in the Red Hat logo.
  • Mandriva - Linux is derived from Mandrake Linux created by MandrakeSoft, but MandrakeSoft lost Hearst Corporation in rights to use the name “Mandrake.” MandrakeSoft then buy Connectiva, and the result of this mixing is called Mandriva.
  • Sabayon - A distribution made in Trentino, Italy and named after the name of an Italian dessert called Sabayon. Sabayon is made from egg yolk, sugar and sweet alcohol.
  • CentOS - Based Redhat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and is an acronym for Community Enterprise Operating System.
  • Dream Linux - A derivative of Debian distro comes from Brazil and looking very similar to Mac OS X. There is no history behind this name, just a mix of dream and Linux.
  • Puppy Linux - A live CD distribution that focuses on ease of use. These distributions have a mascot named “Puppy” who is a native of Chihuahua.
  • Knoppix - Live CD distro created by Klaus Knopper and named after his own name.
  • Sidux - Linux-based Debian unstable version with the code name “Sid” taken from the character Sid sense of humor.

First developed by Linus Torvalds. Is an open source operating system means it can be developed by everyone freely. Derivative linux or linux distro is known by many kinds. Maybe Linux is the operating system most. Some of them are: Debian, Suse, Red Hat (Fedora), Slackware, Ubuntu, Backtrack, and others

Those are some examples and a brief explanation of the Linux operating system, may be useful and can add insight of all friends on Linux



Solaris is an operating system derived from the original Unix kernel variants were developed in 1969 by the American Telephone and Telegraph (AT & T). Solaris is generally used to run a web server and database server.

Since the Sun started to build Solaris, the company's market share is intended for middle to top (Enterprise).

Solaris also build an operating system that focuses on how Solaris runs well and stable by comparing the operating system with other Unix derivatives. Solaris provides the ability Multiprocessor support, how to overcome the deadlock, how to maintain and increase the CPU and how to manage Memory good technique. If the comparison multiprocessor machines that are comparable between the Solaris 10 x86, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and Windows Server 2003 R2. Solaris is superior in stability, efficiency, and also has the best performance on an operating system.

Multiprocessor Support

Kernel Solaris has the ability to fully preemtible which means that all threads, including threads that support the activities of the kernel itself can be postponed to run a thread with a higher priority has a soft realtime scheduling symmetrically multiprocessing support that optimize the work of all the processor on the same level, thus providing equal access to quality hardware and other computer Also supports user-level multithreading.

Multiprocessor support was first added to the Solaris kernel, developers more emphasis on the ability of the kernel, because the kernel is stable, able to increase concurrency, and is also able to support and control more than one thread in a user process. Thread itself able to carry out system calls and handle page faults independently. To make the operation of the multiprocessor kernel support, thread control process to run simultaneously on different processors. The developers also want to kernel built can operate soft realtime, which is needed to control excessive scheduling and preemption is a temporary measure in the process of being carried out by the computer system, to continue the process at a later time. And preemption is possible to execute on many points of the process.

Kernel thread uses very little resources, and the transition kernel threadnya relatively very little because it does not require a change in the virtual memory space.

Kernel thread also has the ability to fully Preemptible and can schedule based on realtime priority. Solaris is able to use kernel threads to enable asynchronous kernel activity, such as writing asynchronous disk. This eliminates the complications of the idle loop and replace it with a thread scheduling independently.

This increases concurrency because the action is handled by a separate CPU and provides asynchronous activities on priority so it can be scheduled appropriately. Kernel thread also handles interrupt.

If the interrupt thread is found, it will lock the blocks are experiencing the interrups and allows to remove and prevent deadlocks.

Because creating a new thread each time an interrupt occurs it is very time consuming, then the kernel set up the parts to initialize the interrupt thread, and when an interrupt occurs, the work unit are transferred to the pile thread interrupt.

Diagram Multithreading Levels and Relationships

The main feature in multiprocessor Solaris kernel is to support the Lightweight Processes (LWPs). Support LWPs itself is supporting some control of kernel threads on many manual processes, as shown in Figure 2. They share the space with the process, and process resources. Kernel support the implementation of LWPs by linking the use of kernel threads with each LWP. Each user level library using LWPs to implement user-level threads. This allows the user to have thousands of threads without imposing kernels.


A. Deadlocks

As discussed earlier, the Solaris kernel designed to prevent deadlocks caused by the thread interrupt. This is done by blocking interrupt threads, if found then the variable synchronization will be locked and wait until the critical section has been completed. This kernel locking strategies used to lock-based data. In this method, all data is protected by the synchronization object.

The kernel also implements preventive use locking deadlocks Mutual Exclusion (mutexes) to prevent more than one thread of each process when it was discovered locking. It avoids the race condition when accessing data simultaneously. If the mutex lock can not be set, then the default policy is blocking the way toward the locking around the processor. This status will continue to be repeated if not running a process and stops the rotation, then his status will be idle. This provides fast response with low overhead rate.

Detection deadlocks also implemented, these deadlocks caused by hierarchy violations are detected at runtime by using priority inheritance mechanism. Because this mechanism is not able to detect all deadlocks, some deadlocks that can not be detected is with varying conditions.

Virtual Memory

At the time of booting, Solaris dividing all memory into each page. Typically, split 4 kilobytes, and can range up to 4 megabytes. Solaris LRU algorithm using two-handed Second Chance for virtual memory system. All pages are given a second chance for a page to be in memory for a page that has been long in memory may be the page where a commonly used and will be used again. This is done by kernel thread on Solaris commonly called Scanner. The second occasion was realized with the reference bits set for a page. The first page accessed is located in front of the queue and the newly diakases are behind the queue. When a page fault, this algorithm does not directly change the page in front of the queue but first check bit reference. If the bit of reference is equal to zero, the page will immediately be replaced. If the reference bit equal to one, the page will be moved to the end of the queue and bit benchmark changed to zero, then repeat this process to a page that is now located in front of the queue.

Scanning is done periodically at the system and depending on the amount of free memory. Activity is under the scanner system lotsfree parameter (limit parameter to initiate paging of free memory available), the default is 1/64 of main memory. Pageout scannerkemudian will scan between the fixed limit slowscan and FastScan. If necessary, can also be configured to keep the scanner from use excessive CPU time.

After the memory drops below desfree, which defaults to half of lotsfree, will memicutimer who will try to get an average memory within 30 seconds on desfree.Jika as it will trigger soft swapping. In soft swapping, will exchange processes are idle for a certain period of time. Process idle standard is 20 seconds.

If the CPU spends more time than melakukanpekerjaan replace pages of useful (when averaged for 30 seconds drops below minfree [half of desfree] and free memory when it was under desfree), it will enter into swap. If there are processes that require large memory and requires a long time, the swap took alih.Bahkan run of decent work to swap out, and it nikmatmengambil work that has been running for a long time or a process that has been allocated a relatively large amount of memory.

Advantages and disadvantages solaris

  • Free redistribution, each user can freely buy or provide the software by itself or as part of a collection of distributors.
  • Derived works, everyone can modify and redistribute the code to the public.
  • No discrimination, the code provided for everyone to be developed.
  • ZFS is Restore Similar facilities like Restore feature in Windows operating systems.
  • Many observations and debugging tool, such as tool monitoring system, modular debugger (MDB), dynamic tracing (D-Trace).
  • Have some form virtulasasi, in addition to the operating system level virtualization like virtualisai in Zone Solaris, OpenSolaris also supports virtualization for xVM hypervisor, Logical Domains (LDoms), VirtualBox and can also run on VMware virtualization and several other frameworks.
  • Having a high level of scalability. OpenSolaris can run on a single processor and multiprocessor systems with hundreds of CPU and RAM with terabyte size.
  • Integration AMP stack (Apache, MySQL, PHP) to run a web server.
  • Stable file system for database, server Internet, Intranet, file-server, Internet-client, Java development.
  • Solaris can run on top of the processor that berspek x86, x64 and SPARC.


  • The price of an expensive commercial operating systems (paid version).
  • Deserving Linux innovations over time to give the impression to the commercial Unix systems.
  • The Unix operating system version of the "almost" is not as good as useless commercial Unix operating system.
  • Hardware drivers are not good.

Developed by Sun Microsystems. More used to the company.

6. Free BSD

What is the FreeBSD? For that, we need to look back to 1969. Embryo Unix developed this year, is written in Assembly language by Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie. This OS was named UNICS, stands (Uniplexed Information and Computer System), but upon the suggestion of Brian Kernighan, its name was changed to Unix. In 1973, for reasons of portability, Unix was rewritten in C. Subsequently, the company AT & T (the lab, Bell, used to develop Unix by Dennis Ritchie) provides Unix source code to the installation of education and government to further develop its use.

Free BSD

In 1981, the Research Group Computer Systems, Computer Systems Research Group (CSRG), University of California at Berkeley to modify the operating system UNIX AT & T to run on DEC VAX II / 780.

The most prominent feature on the new UNIX operating system release is support for virtual memory and the implementation of the new protocol of the ARPANET came to be known as the Internet Protocols (IP). The new UNIX operating system is totally different from the UNIX operating system AT & T. This operating system became known as the Berkeley UNIX. In the subsequent development process, the team managed to create a BSD file system with fast performance that is named UNIX File System (UFS).

Changes in legal regulations in the United States between 1977 until 1984 was to allow the parties to provide AT & T UNIX license to other vendors so that in 1981 Microsoft launched XENIX UNIX is a result of the development team of the Santa Cruz Operation (SCO).

In 1982, AT & T developed the UNIX System III and System V in 1983 for the purposes of its own market.

As a result of the events above, in the mid-1980s there were four different versions of UNIX, namely: Research Version, used only internally within AT & T, Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) from Berkeley, System V commercial from AT & T and XENIX are no longer demand by Microsoft, which is marketed by the company that has developed it is SCO.

In 1984, AT & T began marketing Unix in new versions with the name of a System III, System V, etc. At the same time, Ken Thompson, one of the developers of Unix moved to UCB (University of California at Berkeley) and start making modifications to Unix. Artificial version of Berkeley CSRG (Computer Systems Research Group) is then named as 2BSD, 3BSD, etc. BSD stands for Berkeley Software Distribution.

The term Unix has now become the name of a family that consists of dozens of operating system. Today, basically there are two main branches of the Unix family, the family of artificial System V AT & T and BSD family.

A development of BSD Unix BSD 4.4-Lite is developed for PC compatible plattform is then known as FreeBSD, which is a free version of BSD Unix.

Unlike the Linux made "mob" by programmers around the world, FreeBSD is developed by a team that is divided into three major groups, each of which is FreeBSD Core Team, FreeBSD Developers, and the FreeBSD Documentation Project. FreeBSD Core Team acts as a sort of "board of directors" of the FreeBSD project. This team is responsible for defining the goals of the overall project as well as the rules of procedure. A second team, FreeBSD Developers, responsible for the technical duties in the manufacture of FreeBSD, while FreBSD Documentation Team handles tasks relating to project documentation, creation of manuals, FAQs, and so on.

FreeBSD is currently believed by many as an OS for servers that handle the load is quite high. Recorded several internet sites of the busiest in the world, such as,, and using FreeBSD as the operating system for the server. Meanwhile, in Indonesia FreeBSD become the backbone of the network AI3 (Asian Internet Interconnection Initiative).

Network in Indonesia is centered at ITB aims to connect universities and research and educational institutions in Indonesia to the Internet via an internet gateway AI3 at ITB.

Free BSD

2. The characteristics of Free BSD

FreeBSD is a computer operating system based on 4.4BSD-Lite2, a version of UNIX developed by the University of California at Berkeley. Currently FreeBSD is developed by a group of developers from around the world. In equipping ourselves as a complete operating system for its users, FreeBSD supports a collection metafile useful to assist the installation of additional applications are referred to as Ports and Packages Collection as a form of packages ready to install.

On the Internet there are many free apps that are generally distributed in source code form. This is a new problem: how to download, do build, and install it. In this paper discussed on how to install the application using packages and ports, and perform maintenance packages installed. Also discussed the issue of dependencies, updating repository ports.

Which is not addressed in this paper is how to install FreeBSD, perform initial setup on the operating system, and how to make ports. An important part of the FreeBSD operating system is a collection of Ports, which currently has 8633 pieces from the popular UNIX applications used.

Collections ports provide automation of the process of porting applications to be used on FreeBSD systems.

A combination of a wide variety of programming tools that are already available in the basic FreeBSD installation that allows users to perform a command make (1) to install an application, and mechanisms of ports that will do the job the rest.

If users prefer to use application siapinstal, usually because of time or resources, then there is the other alternative is to use packages, which in a short time the user can get an application wants installed along with its dependencies if any.

This paper is intended to assist you in using an existing feature of the FreeBSD system you have or as additional knowledge to those who want to know more FreeBSD.

Created by the University of Berkeley. Almost the same as linux.

3. The file system Free BSD

Journal is a system that has the ability to save the log file transaction system, a change that complements disk write operation before the meta-data and file writes are committed to the disk proper.

This transaction log can later follow the steps to file system transactions, preventing file system imbalances.

7. Novell Operating Sistem (NOS)

Novell Operating Sistem (NOS)

Novell is a network operating system developed by Novell Corporation, the operating system is not widely known by some people because most people are more likely to choose Windows or Linux as the operating system used.

Novell itself is a network operating system that is usually used for computers made by IBM and Xerox XNS network stack.

The strengths and weaknesses of the operating system are as follows :

Advantages of Novell Operating System

  • As network software
  • Network management easier
  • Communication between PC faster
  • Require large hardware specifications (specifications of computer servers)

The weakness of the Novell operating system

  • DOS based so it is not in the form of graphics
  • Very difficult for a novice computer user
  • Not a lot of support from the community
Novell Operating Sistem (NOS)

Novell uses a dedicated server which server computer specifically to serve the client computer.

Created by Novell Corporation. The operating system formerly used by the Faculty of Science can never have UGM to Entry Key-In KRS students.

Hopefully this article can help

8. Apple Macintosh

The operating system has some kind, the kind that is widely used is Windows, Linux, and Mac. OS. nah Mac. This OS is Macintosh Operating System in use for a computer device that is branded apple. Mac OS: the operating system of the computer that is issued by apple macintosh computers to a computer with a PC-based IBM and incompatible and also specialized computer macintosh. in 1984, Xerox PARC researcher who discovered the Mac OS.

Apple Machintos

The following types macintosh operating system from the first until the latest :

  • Mac OS X Server 1.0 code: "Rhapsody" in March 1999 released

What's Rhapsody? Rhapsody is the code name given by his next-generation operating system Apple computers its developing period for the purchase of apple netx at the end of 1996 and in 1998 was the announcement for Mac OS X.

  • Mac OS X Public Beta Kode : “Kodiak” pada September 2000 dirilis
  • Mac OS 10.0 kode : “cheetah” pada Maret 2001 dirilis

The much-anticipated operating system by Apple. Mac OS X has been built from scratch with this offering in the words of Apple "unix strength with majesty and simplicity macintosh".

  • Mac OS X 10.1 code: "Puma" in October 2001 released

Puma? What is the puma? Yes puma it is to his codename for Mac OS X to version 10.1 puma is the only one to be upgraded to Mac OS X 10.1 users for free.

  • Mac OS X 10.2 code: "Jaguar" in August 2002 released

Code named jaguar was released in August 2002 on the 23rd of his right. nah This included the first version and really ripe for Mac OS X. Mac OS X 10.2 has a user interface that many of her killer application that can be called by the main software packages ported from Mac OS block, there is at present.

  • Mac OS X 10.3 code: "Panther" in October 2003 released
  • Mac OS X 10.4 code: "Tiger" in April 2005 released

Tiger there are additional new features that welcome dashboard, spotlight and autumator.

  • Mac OS X 10.5 code: "Leopard" in October 2007 released

The operating system is superior in terms of graphics. Require special hardware that can not be installed on a regular computer. His version include Mac OS X (Tiger), Leopard.

Apple Macintosh

Lots of various Kinds of Computer Operating Systems are constantly evolving, No Operating System perfect for each operating system has its own characteristics and power. Although there Operating System paid, why do not we try Operating Systems Free or free? Free does not mean bad, good or bad depends on an Operating System End-user should own. So we must be careful in choosing the Operating System used.

Mini FM Stereo Transmitter scheme BA1404

Transmitter mini stereo FM is suitable for those of you who want to make a studio broadcast simple for learning materials broadcast, or just to play music in a room of the house, buildings and others that could be heard over the radio FM receiver there, or else through a gadget that has FM radio facility. besides a series of mini pemancara's FM stereo transmitter can also be used for cars. with this transmitter input source can be emitted as music MP3, Ipod, computer and other audio sources.

Mini FM stereo transmitter IC BA1404 is used as the heart of this circuit. where BA1404 is specifically designed to work with low voltage and power, because this circuit can work only with a supply voltage of between 1.5 volts to 3 volts DC. already contained in the IC BA1404 stereo modulator circuit and RF circuit as a frequency generator (oscillator). This oscillator can be transmitted with a frequency of 76 to 108 MHz.

Transmitter-mini-fm-stereo-ba1404, Transmitter mini fm stereo ba1404

The above are a series of crystal that serves to 38KHz frequency generator stereo encoder. while L1 serves to determine the frequency you want to use, coil L1 is comprised of from 3.5 lilitkawat email 0,6mm ferrite core. to change the frequency of the transmitter is done by turning the core feritpada L1. the advantages of mini FM stereo transmitter with BA1404 IC is its ability to generate highly stable frequencies with very low cost of course.

As an illustration, one example of a kit form mini FM stereo transmitter circuit that is so is as follows :

kit-Transmitter-fm-ba14041, Transmitter kit fm ba14041

To prevent a buzzing sound when the audio is emitted, it is necessary to note the power supply circuit is used. it is advisable to use a battery to supply voltage, or if you want to use for a long time, can use the adapter with a good regulator circuit.

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What is that Fence BRC Fence

BRC fence is a fence made from iron U-55 The awalnay shaped pieces of iron wire then welded using a wire mesh machine So Order Form A powerful and easy-Fences In The installation. This type fence immediately ready to be installed, so It is very practical and easy to use.

BRC fence is very suitable for Meeting the needs Stock ironmongery Nor your property project. My advice Seek Fence BRC That type of Hot Dip Galvanized and made with Electro Plating System For Granted In Quality Stronger. There are many factories fence BRC fence Can you contact Dan Generally, They're Not Just Producing BRC fence But Also Producing Various Barbed Wire, Assorted Rebar, Assorted Plate, Assorted Elbow, Assorted Iron UNP, Assorted Steel Pipes, Various Iron WF with Aneka price Various competitive and excellent quality.

What is that Fence BRC Fence

BRC fence umumnay Used for instance fencing project needs Tower BTS, Road Project, Arts Building, Arts Factory security, as fence service, fences Neighbourhood Housing. And Much More others. Once this fence Has Many Advantages When Compared With other Paging type instance Palisade, concrete fence, fence panels, railings Wall Nor Iron Fence. Greater Feels and looks is a price difference.

Excellence And Excess BRC fence is :

1. Paging Having this type are relatively inexpensive price.
2. The system is Spelled Installation is very easy and practical too
3. Perfect To Complement beauty to your home.
4. Can be designed upon request
5. Can Be Used For fences, Manufacture doors, Assorted pole And Lainya type.

Here's a glimpse of the fence brc, Whether you are interest in using brc to the solid fence in front of the house or in the yard or in the scope pergedungan or you can use everywhere.

Overview of the BRC fence, may be useful.

Iron make it Durable

dealing in iron probably many friends who found the rusting of ferrous and non-durable, if I think it is very disruptive prisoners in general iron, rust caused by water and interfere with iron strength will not last long.

So with provisions, actually must use coating, what the coating. ??

coating only cover the front view of an object, and also depending on the hardness of materials on the things we are given a coating or cover.

For example, if a substance or material that we cover there is a lack of hardness (soft materials and not strong) So coatings will also be destroyed and is very regrettable, But if the contrary, substance or material that we cover the excess (Materials Strong and very strong) Coating will withstand the strength or hardness of the material.

Many also were misidentified in the coating, but also depends on the coating what will we use or which we apply to materials or maetrial we want to cover.

For this, I will use a coating that is hard and strong, resistant to friction and burning very hot and also very hard conflict.

Is : Hard Chrome Coating


Overview of Hard Chrome

Hard Chrome is a type of electroplating which serves to coat the surface of the iron, steel, or other metals, including copper, aluminum, brass, and other metals in order to function the more leverage in its use.

Benefits of Hard Chrome Against Metal :

In certain thickness Hard Chrome resistant to scratches
More resistant to rust
Coat the metal surface to be harder
Adding a certain size (Added Meats)
So that the metal surface is more slippery
Base protecting material that is temperature resistant, weather, friction or scratches

Items or objects that can be hard Chrome, among others :

1. Anilog Roll
2. Component/ Parts Machinery Industry
3. Dies (Forging, Press, Stamping)
4. Screw (Injection plastic, Injection Rubber, Food)
5. Moulding (Plastic, Rubber, Acrilik)
6. Roll Met (Sintetis, Cooling Roll, Paper, Rubber)
7. Liner
8. Shaft/Piston Hydrolic
9. Jig
10. Alumunim Roll
11. Guide – Guide baterray
12. Roll (Plastic, Packaging, Wood, Printing, Wyre)
13. and others.

Hardchrome glimpse of what I know, and very useful for the coating hardness that we need, and depending on the thickness Hardchrome semuah we need to use violence Coating.

So much from me .. hopefully useful.

Ref :

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30 Sample Job Interview Question and Answer

The job interview (job interview) is a stage that must be passed by those who are looking for a job or get a new job. Not surprisingly, this stage often makes excited or stress for those who would deal with it. Are you one of them?

One strategy for dealing with any job interview is to study examples of job interview questions. By learning, you get an idea as to what questions during a job interview and make the appropriate answers to your experience and education.

to handle it for sure you have to understand the work for which you are applying for the position, and had known about the contents of the company that the company did, and provides important information on your daily life when you are not working (can be a reason that could make sense).

because usually on each test to apply for a job, usually companies want a very good rate for their employees .. where every question must be the answer, that I always do when I'm applying for a job. so you do not have to feel gerogi or shaking if a lot of questions or issues that you face in applying for a job.

To help you do this, the following 30 examples of job interview questions and answers.

Questions about personal data

A. Questions about personal data

  1. Tell me about yourself?

  2. Candidate: "My name Panca Indryana. I graduated in Computer Science from the University of Indonesia. Now I am working in PT Maju Mapan as financial Akuntng. I worked at the company since January 2010, and I'm applying is IT programmer position. trimakasih"
  3. Why did you choose a major in Computer Science?

  4. Candidate: "I realized that I enjoy computers since elementary school. By studying Computer Science, I add my insight and knowledge about computers. In addition, I studied in the department of fun because the topic in accordance with the interests and my pleasure. "
  5. Why do you want to apply in our company??

  6. Candidate : "I actually have a hobby work, and where I like to work, I always choose the work place is my second home, with that I am always motivated to be able to promote the company in my skills. like I could design, mastered typing, and control of marketing online or offline, and also controls the network on a server and handles any damage to the computer in the event of damage to the computer company. I chose to work here to channel all my skills to the company."
  7. Do you have any plans of continuing education?

  8. Candidate: "Yes, the plan next 3 years. It is because of my college D3 so I wanted to pass on to the S1. Attending S1, insight and knowledge I would be increased so that I could make a career out better in the future. "
  9. Selain pendidikan formal, apakah Anda memiliki keterampilan lain?

  10. (Tell me what you have, as well as on number 3, but with a tone of confidence, so that companies can understand the confidence you will be a concern for the company.)
  11. What does the work for you?

  12. Candidate: "For me, the job is not merely to make money. However, how can I do my best to contribute to the advancement of the company. "

    B. Pertanyaan tentang pengalaman dan keterampilan

    Questions about the experience and skills aimed to know the purpose of your career, how you work, your loyalty, how do you face a problem of work, and how much contribution you would give to the company.

    From the answers you give, the interviewer can assess whether or not you are the best candidate for the position you are applying.

  13. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

  14. (to question the advantages: you can talk like hell ye, and se ye diligent, hard-working, but to, Questions Shortage you: you just answered, Whether How I like to forget time, -> and you continue on a high note: at the time I was working I like to forget time. is where my weaknesses ,)
  15. Do you have a good relationship with co-workers?

  16. Candidate: "Yes. I think my relationship with my colleagues is going well. Indeed, I never had a problem with a colleague related division of responsibilities, but we solve it by discussing together so that we have the responsibility of each are clear. "
  17. Do you prefer to work alone or in teams?

  18. Candidate: "Depending on the work I have to finish. Although I prefer to work alone, I can work in a team. "
  19. If you are required to work in a team, what position would you choose?

  20. Candidate: "I prefer to be a drafter. That way, I can plan the steps to be taken, make a list of necessary resources, identify obstacles, and make the size of the success of a project. "
  21. Can you work under pressure?

  22. Candidate: "Yes. During this time I can handle pressure. In addition, I think the pressure can give a positive result for me because I can unleash the potential, initiative, and my skills to complete the task. "
  23. What is your attitude towards criticism directed at you?

  24. Candidate: "In my understanding, people generally do not like being criticized in vain. Personally, I accept the criticism directed at me. If the criticism was well and build, I would gladly do it for the sake of self-improvement. Otherwise, I would ignore it. "
  25. In your opinion, what kind of a tough guy cooperative?

  26. Candidate: "I think the person who is difficult to work with is a person who does not like to work hard, like to break the rules, many complain, do not pay attention to the quality of work, and likes to speak ill of others."
  27. If your subordinates make mistakes, what do you do?

  28. Candidate: "No one is perfect. I would examine what actually happened, seeking damages as a result of the error and find the cause. After that, I define the corrective and preventive action so that similar errors do not occur in the future. I will also give an opportunity to the respective subordinates to improve performance. I certainly will give you a warning first, that he understands dam alert, that job is a very important thing. "
  29. What would you do if your subordinates complained about their personal problems?

  30. Candidate: "I will receive them in my office and let them tell their personal problems. If requested, I will propose some suggestions for the problem. From my experience, they generally only need one listener who will listen to their problems without trial. "
  31. What will you do when faced with major problems in the work?

  32. Candidate: "I will look for the root of the problem in order to get the right solution. After that, I will run the solution in order to improve. In tandem with these improvements, I will set a precautionary measure because the problem does not happen again. "
  33. Why did you move the work of the previous company?

  34. Kandidat: “Saya ingin pekerjaan yang lebih menantang, dan saya kira perusahaan ini dapat memenuhi keinginan saya tersebut.” (you can create a challenge that we considered to be very confident to work earnestly)
  35. What's the hardest obstacle in previous jobs?

  36. Candidate: "My toughest obstacle in the work is irregular working hours. Sometimes I work in the mornings and in the evenings, but it was not menjado all obstacle for me, because I've terbiasas weeks to face a tough time and time ayng challenge for me "
  37. Apakah Anda pernah bolos bekerja?

  38. Candidate: "As far as I can remember, I never did. If there is an emergency that made it impossible to go to work, I immediately notify my supervisor. "
  39. Are you willing to work overtime?

  40. Candidate: "Yes, I am willing. It did not matter to me. "
  41. What made you interested in working in our company?

  42. Kandidat: “Perusahaan ini menawarkan pekerjaan yang sesuai dengan pengalaman dan pendidikan saya. Dengan demikian, saya dapat berkontribusi dalam memajukan perusahaan ini.” (The question will be visible, and usually the company to test, whether we remember or indeed our truth. examples of questions corresponding to the number 3)
  43. How well do you know our company?

  44. Candidate: "I am quite familiar with this company because many friends are talking about and using the product. In addition, I also see the company advertising in the mass media famous. "
  45. In your opinion, what makes our company different from other similar companies?

  46. Candidate: "As far as I know, the company is to produce a quality product. In addition, the facilities provided to employees are also better. "
  47. Describe your plans for the next five years?

  48. Candidate: "If I accepted to work here, within the next five years I want to be a supervisor. Therefore, I will learn and understand the scope of work and responsibilities of the position. After that, I will try hard to fulfill what is required to become a supervisor at the company. " (whatever you want in the next five years, but that leads to the advancement and improvement of the company)
  49. Are you ready to accept greater responsibility?

  50. Candidate: "Yes, I am ready. In my view, I should be ready to accept a big responsibility and a higher position in order to achieve the desired career. That way, I can pace yourself so that it becomes better. "
  51. What kind of work environment do you prefer?

  52. Candidate: "I like to work in an environment that is fair or a glass of transparent things. Standard operational procedures (SOP) are clear, as well as career development. Punishment and reward enforced objectively. In addition, I also love to work with colleagues who are optimistic and excited, like I was working with his own relatives.
  53. Are you willing to be placed outside the city?

  54. Candidate: "Yes, I am willing. Working at this company means I should be ready to accept the decisions and policies. "

    C. Pertanyaan seputar gaji

    Pertanyaan seputar gaji biasanya ditanyakan pada akhir wawancara kerja. Jumlah pertanyaannya tidak banyak, namun berfokus pada berapa besar gaji yang Anda minta

    I usually to the earliest times I asked equalizes performance in general, but I asked if it had been passed three months, then I ask according to ability and my skills on the job. perhaps 40% above the average would I requested. (if we really have the skills and the responsibility which is very good)

  55. How much is your salary in the Company Before?

  56. mentioned basic salary you want, with transport allowances, meal allowances, and other benefits. (Usually my basic salary is always visible on the main choice, greater meaning in general.)
  57. Berapa gaji yang Anda harapkan untuk posisi ini?

  58. Candidate: "I am hoping to earn a salary of {say according to ability or desire km}" (Think a: respect and appreciate the work that comes out as sweat sweat that equal pay for us.)
  59. We can not meet your salary request. How much you can lower the salary demands?

  60. (When there is this question, of course we already know, and if you try you can adjust as interest interest in the company, if not, do not waste your talent and seriousness of work .. all there yourself.)

Once we see the 30 questions above, we must point Polite and Wise facing the question, and do not get convoluted if you have questions or repeat repetition but with different words ..

So my advice, all you can consider, and all questions definitely have the answer, so also when entering the test pisikotes, all have the answer each one, so congratulations to apply for a job, hopefully we are equally able to promote the company to resolve the seriousness of its us.

salute and thank you. hopefully 30 question I think is very useful for you.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Experience Injuries to the Male Genitalia

Experience Injuries to the Male Genitalia

as we see in the picture. ??

Previous instead I think the potential for brash, but I never suffered injury in the area which is very sensitive to the male genitalia, wah sure you are very confused as to why it could happen.

Certainly Every Man Wants Sizes. ??

but from my story, I was out of this discussion, is already doing magnification loupe,

in fact I often told my pubic enlargement, to truly meet my requirements into account. and of course I am very happy, I actually routine to purchase a oil to pelakukan establishment or withdrawal to be more awake, and also generally to the initial starting with the heating as Jelqing ..

and changes over the coming days, I feel satisfaction in this magnifying .. and I think it's great, and I think I will pobud maintaining virility in the center of my most important ..

Busyness occur or Error On My

Not long hose then, over time whether I went through was a busy, busy at work, busy in sports, busy in activities outside work ... So I rarely do magnification that I used to do that,

up in the beginning, I tried to go back to the normal enlargement sayalakukan, but I ignore my mistake about the existence of Oil and Oil did not I notice on its usage ..

in fact it is dangerous, and costly, maybe I still do not really understand it, and I again was my mistake trying days doing so without Oil ..

and the time has come to the end of my pubic event of injury or scratching when not done without an order that has been conveyed .. I felt confused and very confused ..

Up in the event of injury, I immediately consul or went to the doctor, and the doctor gives a lot of feedback and suggestions kesaya very meaningful to me, until I was given medication in wounds and in ..

  1. Antibiotics oral medication
  2. Skin ointment
Antibiotics oral medication - Skin ointment

Finally Cured

after routine use on the doctor's orders, eventually wound soon healed and gone, and my heart is very happy, for some reason I've had to not violate the rules. and I think, if I violate semuah there must be consequences, it turns out that semuah really happened, and the first is the wrong time I have done, but for now, I've had to start local regulations ..

thanks to semuahnya, with this or with this benefit, I can better learn and excellent learning on actions that do not have aturanya ..

My only advice to understand, what we have come on a very special, and semuah thing that happens is we do not make mistakes back. thanks.

Typhoid Disease and Keeping

Typhus is a disease that can affect anyone, be it children and even adults. Although typhus generally occurs in children, but it is possible if typhoid can also affect adults, so we recommend that you also should be aware of this disease. Because the disease can affect anyone and typhus is a disease that often happen anywhere.


Typhus Disease

Typhus disease can attack anyone, because typhus can occur normally in result of a lack of understanding of the symptoms of typhoid fever and signs of the emergence of the disease, even me ringing heard about beberepa symptoms of typhoid are often confused with symptoms of dengue fever that doctors too often examine and supervise the patient until the day to be able to ensure that tersebur disease is typhoid or dengue fever.

So that we are not attacked by this disease, should pay more attention to food hygiene and the environment around us. Because the main cause of the disease typhus is a food that has been contaminated by bacteria Causes Typhus. To better know the mode of transmission of typhoid this, consider the following explanation.

How Typhus Disease Transmission

Here are some ways of transmission of typhoid fever can cause you too can be attacked this acute disease, such as :

  1. How typhoid disease transmission through food or beverages that have been contaminated with Salmonella bacteria. In patients with typhoid, salmonella typhi bacteria are in the bloodstream and intestines then after that will be issued through the dirt.
  2. A person affected by the disease typhus can transmit the disease when the patient presents food or also by holding goods are normally used by the patient to eat without washing their hands thoroughly beforehand.
  3. Transmission of typhoid fever can also be caused from drinking water or water used to clean his dishes like the dishes, glasses or the like, and may be after washing vegetables and fruits that have been contaminated by bacteria.

How To Care For Disease Typhus

Typhus disease can be treated with antibiotics, such as chloramphenicol, ampicillin, ciploxacin, and trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole are usually used to treat typhoid fever in the majority of countries. But the proper way of handling to overcome this disease to get to the doctor to get treatment more precise and aims to reduce the occurrence of clinical conditions worse.

Typhus Disease Symptoms

Fever or Body Heat

Symptoms of typhoid fever most commonly occurs in this disease is the patient has a fever or body heat within a few days. And usually the patient's body temperature will reach 40 degrees Celsius, which is accompanied by sufferers experience headache, weakness and fatigue. So do not be surprised if the disease is classified on the type of acute illness.

Abdominal Pain, Nausea and Vomiting

Generally, those who are suffering from this disease will experience abdominal pain in the abdomen to the left which is the location of the intestine 12 fingers are experiencing an infection. And are frequently confused with heartburn symptoms, but the disease will be sore ulcer upper abdominal or where the solar plexus.

Pulse Slows

Usually in the case of people who are body heat, the heart rate will increase approximately by 10% every time there is an increase in body temperature by 1 degree Celsius, but it does not apply in this typhus disease. Because generally in patients with typhus is his heart rate will slow down. It is usually caused by the presence of poisons or toxins derived from typhoid germs which in turn causes the reaction.

Tongue Color White

symptoms of typhoid furthermore easy to realize is the central part of the patient tongue is white, but at the edges of the tongue red. And apaila stick your tongue out those people in there will be tremors or shaking lidahnay.

Defecation Pattern Changes

Well symptoms of typhoid last patient will experience changes such as toileting pattern alternately experiencing diarrhea or even be able to experience otherwise such as difficulty urinating or can not defecate. So it will cause discomfort in the abdomen and cause the body feels weak even if experiencing diarrhea.

Here are the common symptoms of typhoid fever experienced by those afflicted by this disease, so you should recognize these symptoms in order to be addressed immediately and not cause things that can harm the health of those that can cause death.

Typhus disease

Typhoid is a disease caused by experienced because organs infected by bacteria. Typhoid can be experienced because it is caused by a disease caused by a bacterium Salmonella typhi that will infect the digestive tract. Although only caused by bacteria but the disease include the type of serious illness due to the impact of the disease also can be life threatening and cause the death of the sufferer. Anyone can be infected by these diseases, but in their teens and children will be more susceptible to bacterial infection so that the impact is not good for children's health. Typhoid are also included in the group of communicable diseases. Diseases that can be transmitted to others that need to be careful in maintaining the health of being infected by typhoid are also present serious illnesses. Typhus disease is also known by another name that thyroid fever, because there is one symptom that will cause very high fever patients when suffering from thyroid fever or typhoid.

Typhus disease

My advice to Keep From this disease

As attached in understanding the disease typhus, Very often describe the event of reduced energy in our body, nah already explained, if we let in harmful conditions, it can menyebabpak death, sunguh very dangerous ..

for it .. before they occur, or before the severe conditions experienced typhoid disease .. we suggest already know the condition of our body and dick immediately to the doctor or can with my suggestions, which are always work in the morning and return early evening.

  1. Maintain stamina and energy by drinking fluids make more stamina and energy. Such as Guava Juice
  2. Or, medicine that I use is Vermint .. you can read the contents of the drug content Vermint I mentioned .. sorry if mentioned brands, but it is proven to be effective

The following caption below

Guava juice

But if we ignore the disease is already present, and until fainting, or weakness and no fluids entering .. it is very dangerous for us, so immediately hurried to get to the hospital and handling very seriously at the doctor .. so for typhoid disease, you should really keep and understand our bodies ... so much and thank you .. (hopefully we semuah always given the health of the entire disease that can come at any time)

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